Open Cloze


En la sección de open cloze en el examen, no recibirás un tipo test como la que estás a punto de hacer. En el examen, tendrás cero opciones dadas y tendrás que resolver la respuesta.

Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio:

A new era of computers?

The current system of computing is (0) ­­­­­_______on binary code, that is, a system of zeros and ones. The binary system of computing is how computers have always worked. Every function (9) _______ you do on your computer is a function based on zeros and ones at the core of every computer.

(10) ______ you’re typing the letter “k” on your keyboard or clicking on something in your browser, all these functions are based on a combination of 0’s and 1’s. That’s all there is to it.

(11) ________, a new era of computing is looming on the horizon. Many of the big tech companies (12) _______ as Google, IBM and Microsoft are investing huge amounts of money in what’s called “quantum computing”. This new approach to computing will not be based on the standard binary system, but (13) ______ on quantum mechanics whereby computers will be based on 0’s, 1’s or both 0 and 1. 

This (14) _______ radically change the way we do computing in ways that are not yet comprehensible. Basically, quantum computing will allow computers (15) ______ process information 100 million times faster than your average laptop! That’s crazy!

For the meantime, quantum computers have not yet been built, and the operations that you (16) _______ on a daily basis on your normal computer will not change any time soon. But the future certainly looks interesting. 

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