Multiple Choice Cloze


Vamos a leer el texto de nuevo e intentar seleccionar la palabra correcta que va en cada uno de los huecos.

Recuerda, para completar este ejercicio correctamente tendrás que tener una buena base de inglés con el fin de seleccionar la colocación correcta, es decir, elegir entre una palabra y las otras.

Tener un buen dominio de la gramática también te ayudará inmensamente. ¡Comencemos! 

Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio:

It’s never about the accent

(0) _________ a lot of people believe that the secret to (1) _________a new language is all about speaking to natives and trying to (2) _________the “perfect” English accent, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

An (3) __________ thing to remember is that the “perfect accent” should not be your main focus. Rather, obtaining an excellent pronunciation is far more important. Given that English has so many different accents and peoples spread out all over the world, when you think about it, it just doesn’t make (4) _________ to try to acquire (5) _______ an American or British accent. Because one could also make the (6) ________ about the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Nigerian and many other accents. Why people fuss over an accent is bewildering, and quite frankly, not worth your time.

Also, very (7) _______ non-natives speakers actually speak English with a “perfect” British or American accent, but a plethora of non-native English speakers speak English fluently as their second, third or even fourth language! The (8) ________is to immerse yourself in the Anglo culture whether that be reading books or watching series on Netflix in order to achieve that much needed perfect pronunciation. 

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