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Nótese que, en el examen (para Word Formation) no habrá opciones de manera tipo-test como las que se te dan aquí.

Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio:

New Zealand’s traditional dance: The Haka

Watching the Haka for the first time will surely be a (0) _______ experience. Not many have seen such a dance let alone see it up close in (17) _______. The Haka, for New Zealanders is the (18) _______ war dance that is traditionally performed before important rugby matches involving the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks.

Many spectators and fans of the sport of rugby have (19) _______ the Haka as exhilarating, moving and soul-touching. Most can’t describe it. There’s something truly inspirational seeing elite sportsmen pour their heart and soul out in to giving the dance of their life.

The Haka itself (20) _______ from New Zealand’s ancient Maori culture and is a ceremonial dance or challenge. The Haka has long been practised as a war dance, but according to the Karetu, the Haka has been "erroneously (21) _______ by generations of uninformed as “war dances'", whereas Māori mythology places haka as the dance "about the celebration of life". This is adamant in the fact that the Haka (22) _______ does embrace life and is about respect, because the Haka is commonly performed during important cultural exchanges, funerals, weddings and other such events.

Most would presume that the Haka is only performed at rugby matches, but in reality, quite the contrary is (23) _______. Apart from said events (from above), there have been many instances in the past during basketball matches, flash mobs, American football games and even roller derbies where the Haka was (24) _______.

The Haka has, and always will be, a beautiful and traditional Maori dance from New Zealand or Aotearoa, which in Maori means, the land of the long white cloud.

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