Multiple Choice Cloze


Vamos a leer el texto de nuevo e intentar seleccionar la palabra correcta que va en cada uno de los huecos.

Recuerda, para completar este ejercicio correctamente tendrás que tener una buena base de inglés con el fin de seleccionar la colocación correcta, es decir, elegir entre una palabra y las otras.

Tener un buen dominio de la gramática también te ayudará inmensamente.


Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio: 

Are ‘dumbphones’ making a comeback?

In a (0)___________ world where privacy is becoming increasingly harder to come by, one such ‘born-again’ (1)_________ that is certainly worth a mention is the ‘dumbphone’, which, to the very (2)__________ of the user, has overall, quite low functionality in terms of what one can do on the device. These rather (3)___________ devices are seeing a steady growth in sales due to some new privacy concerns with common smartphones and a growing and unsettling uneasiness towards technology companies' (4)________  inability to deliver on what users cherish most: privacy and security. Sales of so-called dumbphones have since (5)___________ with sales having reached one billion units in 2021.

Furthermore, it has also been sighted that a fair share of us have somewhat of a (6)___________ for a not-so-distant past in which we used to have more human contact. What’s more, being incessantly glued to a screen whilst remaining (7)___________ to a constant barrage of notifications may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It just may well be that a revival of older, less intrusive phones could be on the (8)_________ for those of us who deem our privacy and well-being to be of utmost concern.

Perhaps these devices are not the most sophisticated or high-tech, but that is exactly their appeal to some users. Only time will tell as to whether a comeback could well be imminent.

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