Open Cloze


En la sección de open cloze en el examen, no recibirás un tipo test como la que estás a punto de hacer. En el examen, tendrás cero opciones dadas y tendrás que resolver la respuesta.

Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio: 

Seeing back in time

A new era of telescopes has now begun. With the latest launch (0)_______ the ultra-advanced (9)_________ highly innovative James Webb Space Telescope, space agencies around the world (10)________ are in collaboration with the James Webb project (11)__________ have an awe-inspiring opportunity to see far back (12)________ time. Not only will we be able to look back in time stretching billions of years to the early stages of the universe, (13)_________ also we will have the capacity for pinpoint accuracy in terms of what we can observe in the universe.

To see out to space, or rather, back in time, this breathtaking and technological telescope is sent into orbit some 1.6 million kilometres away from our home planet, earth. Such a lengthy voyage beyond Earth is indeed out of necessity (14)_______ that this mammoth telescope can be protected (15)________ the light and heat from the Sun, Earth and Moon.

As light from distant stars takes many years across space to reach us here on Earth, observers shall be able to view galaxies, stars and other spacial bodies as they were billions (16)________ billions of years ago. 

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