Word Formation


Nótese que, en el examen (para Word Formation) no habrá opciones de manera tipo-test como las que se te dan aquí.

Algo de gramática que te puede ayudar con este ejercicio: 

Yoga may be your calling

In today’s age (0)___________ people work at a desk in front of a computer, and the somewhat (17)____________ effect of this, in turn, means an (18)____________ of hours sitting in a chair. At no point in history have the daily lives of humans ever been quite so sedentary. Therefore, it might only be natural that one could encounter some back problems from being seated for (19)__________ periods. What’s one way in which this issue could be eased you might ask? Well, the art form that is Yoga has been gaining in (20)__________, especially among those whose professional lives are desk-bound.  

Yoga, which originated in ancient India is (21)____________ of a variety of mental and physical exercises. Yoga has been proven to enhance and develop the physical condition of its (22)___________, namely flexibility, strength and stamina through a wide array of postures and stretches practitioners of Yoga routinely perform.

Those of us who may be prone to back pain and other sorts of aches and pains should find that practising Yoga is not without its (23)__________ advantages. Oftentimes, those who manage to stick to it, notice significant (24)____________ in their overall physical well-being.

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