Revisión de Sección

Revisión de sección

Revisión de sección: pronombres de sujeto y objeto

  • Hi there! How are you guys? Are you guys going well?
  • Hi, yes, we’re going well. Thank you. How about you?
  • I’ve already started a Spanish course. It’s going great for me.
  • Ah, nice. Have you made any friends in the course?
  • Yes, well, only two.
  • Great, tell me about them?
  • One man named Manuel. He’s so nice, and I have a lot in common with him. Then there’s a lady called Sarah. She’s about five years older than me. We both love the Spanish language. I love speaking to her.
  • That sounds fantastic. I’m going for a drink now with my friend, would you like to join us?
  • Sure, let’s go for a drink. Where shall we go?
  • I was thinking about the cafeteria down the road, it’s nice and quiet and you guys will like it. Would you like to ring your friends and see if they’re interested in coming too?
  • I’ll call them, and I’ll let you know. 

Revisión de sección: pronombres posesivos

  • Hello Max, what are you up to today?
  • I’m saving (my money) for that new game that’s coming out. I can’t wait for it to be finally mine.
  • You don’t have to save all that money. You can just borrow my friend’s game, even though it’s his I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all.
  • Thanks, but please don’t tell my parents, because they expect me to save all my money. Can it be our secret?
  • Sure, our secret is ours, and no one else’s. Those parents of yours may not be so happy because I know them quite well.
  • How’s that new puppy I always see at Sam and David’s house, is it theirs?
  • Yes, well, it’s all of theirs. They found the puppy on the street, and now they all take good care of it.  

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